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We aim to lead you to your perfectly matching ski or snowboard. Here you will find independent reviews of skis and snowboards for different kinds of terrain like piste, all-mountain, freeride, powder and most important for different levels of recreational skiing and snowboarding. The Yellow Gentian testers are recreational skiers and snowboarders with their own preferences for type of ski- and snowboard equipment and discipline. Together with the skill level of the Yellow Gentian team member, we provide you with the information you need to find a good matching ski or snowboard for your wishes.

If you like to share your thoughts about a pair of skis or a snowboard, feel free to use the Comment section at the bottom of each review page. In case you test more skis and snowboards yourself and want to write reviews about them, please use the review form and we'll get in touch with you.

As Yellow Gentian is an independent review site, we create a level playing field for all ski & snowboard manufacturers and brands, whether the ski brands are big or small, well established or new on the market. We believe that you can make the best choice for a new ski or snowboard by testing them yourself. That is unfortunately impossible for a lot of skiers and boarders. Therefor Yellow Gentian provides the test team with an online independent platform to share opinions and provide information where to buy the skis and snowboards at good prices and with attractive deals. Yellow Gentian wishes you a lot of fun finding your ski or snowboard by reading our test reviews!!

New skis in 2018

Blizzard Spur ski 2018Head the Kore ski 2018



What new skis will the 2018 season bring us? These skis will be for sale in the fall of 2017, but we aim to test them this season already, to give you the best information about the upcoming season's newcomers.

HEAD replaces its freeride line with the Kore, superlight no metal graphene freeride skis. The HEAD Kore 93 will be their one-ski-quiver and there will be 2 wider versions with a 105mm and a 117mm waist. We've already tested the Kore 117 and here is the review.

From Nordica we can expect the Navigator, all-mountain skis to replace the NRGy line. The shape of the Navigator resembles the NRGy's, but the tip and tail are reinforced with a new honeycomb structure to make it stiffer and reduce the tipflap, which annoyed a lot of skiers. And the Nordica Enforcer 115 will be the bigger brother of the last season's hit ski Enforcer 100.

Powder ski enthousiasts will be amazed by the all new Spur from Blizzard. Asymmertrical tip and tail give this ski a very cool look. If it works remains to be seen. Dimensions of the Blizzard Spur 2018 are: length 189cm, sidecut 146-125-134mm, radius 28,5m. The Brahma and other freeride skis go from double titanal to single with only a narrow metal strip in the tip and tail to loose weight and add a little forgivingness.

In the piste department Kästle adds a Kästle RX SL and Kästle RX GS, pure and fast carve skis. Furthermore the frontside all-mountain LX series will be replaced by a slightly wider LX73 and LX85.

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